Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 8, 2010

For Hanoi

My city. The city that had wide opened its arms to greet me coming to the world, gave me my childhood, the city that has made me grow up as a Hanoi girl.
For eternity, Hanoi in me can only be the city “in river”, the noble and simple, proud and bright city of Flying Dragon.

Hanoi may be busy, chaotic and frowzy for now. Yet I have never seen an unattractive Hanoi.
I see the pure and gentle sunshine sparkles in the smoke from the vehicles of the busy and crowded streets of the city.
I see the old streets together with the old houses calmly face with the ludicrous new buildings threatening to ruin the ancient atmosphere of Thang Long.
I see the beautiful inside the ugly of Hanoi. Is it because I’m so in love with Hanoi, so that I can only see a dreamily beautiful and glamorous Hanoi?

I like the warm, gentle and fresh morning of Hanoi, when the sunshine is so soft and sweet, and the breeze is just so light that it can only gently blows my hair.
I like the sunny summer noon and afternoon, when I slowly ride my bike through the cool small back streets, away from the exhausting heat outside.
I love the night of Hanoi.
With the sweet and deep fragrance of the milk wood pine flowers.
With the white dracontomelum flowers that twinkle under the moonlight.
With the wind carrying the whisper of the Red River into the quiet nights of Hanoi.

I ride in the streets, let my soul soaring in the deep blue sky of Hanoi, feel my heart just as light and fluffy as the white cloud flying freely and watching over the city from above.

The city has a high school, where the trees abandon their leaves as May comes. I always think that it is a miniature of Hanoi. The essence of the city can be found in the West Lake wind, flies somewhere in the school yard, in each of the walls, the classes and in each of the leaves.

I may well be a tiny dust, wandering with the breeze of the city. Someday, I will take my time to fly high… Yet, Hanoi will always be the same old Hanoi, the ordinary and simple, humble and cordial city of mine.

And, no matter how many changes it may undergo, I will always belong here, as Hanoi will always and can only be Hanoi, forever and on…

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  1. Love this so much ...'keep writing' em nhe!

    Trả lờiXóa
  2. I know that Vietnam has a much greater appreciation of poets than most places in the world, and you are certainly contributing well to that legacy. I love your expressive writing.

    Trả lờiXóa
  3. thank you all ^^ I'm happy you like it ^^

    Trả lờiXóa